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Acting Workshop Scheduled as Fundraiser

Actors from coast to coast over the years have asked Ronnie Marmo to teach a weekly acting class. The unfortunate reply was always the same: “Because, I don’t stay in one city long enough.”

Thanks to Zoom, Ronnie Marmo will now finally be able to teach a weekly acting workshop for you to join no matter where you are in the world!

Many of you know that the theatre community is in serious trouble, and Ronnie’s theater company, Theatre 68, is nervous about simply making the rent. Ronnie has decided that he will teach this weekly workshop as a fundraiser for Theatre 68 during the COVID-19 crisis.

He has lovingly named the class, “STOP F*CKING ACTING”. Classes began May 20th and are first come first serve).

For a sneak peek of some of Ronnie Marmo’s background and expertise as a director, actor, writer and producer check out this video of select scenes. Also, for additional information on the class, feel free to review the attached flyer and reach out with any questions.

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***All levels welcome!***

Ronnie Marmo's Acting Class