Irving's Tiara

Lydia runs the office at a local Parks & Rec center. She’s a tough ass woman, with aspirations that go beyond her little Kingdom, but with a game plan that hits every pothole known to mankind. Tommy is a slightly younger cohort– Part dreamer, part schemer– A lottery winner, & yet not quite able to reap the full benefit. He has big plans, and not unlike most of the people in his life, he also is seemingly unable to get out of his own way. Rachel works next door, at the Senior Center. Despite the fact that there’s some type of evidence of Rachel & Tommy being potentially brother & sister, they have a history of, for lack of a better term, “romance.” Lydia has a plan. She knows that one of the Seniors, Irving, is the owner of a very valuable “Tiara.” The origin of this piece is hotly debated, but with Lydia’s prodding, they put their three very disturbed heads together and plot how to steal Irving’s Tiara.


Lusting After Pipino's Wife

“Lusting After Pipino’s Wife” is Sam Henry Cass’ long running Off-Broadway Comedy about the never ending war between the sexes. Restaurant owner Vinnie and his best friend Patsy like to sit around and talk about women and about life in general. A favorite topic is the restaurant dishwasher’s gorgeous wife. Vinnie can’t understand how a nobody like Pipino can have such a wife. In fact, he doesn’t understand why women won’t give him the time of day, especially tough as nails Lorraine, whose friend Rita dates Patsy. Patsy decides he can find success selling shoes on the street and he proposes to Rita. Their wedding is disrupted by a gun welding Lorraine, who rescues Rita from the altar, leaving Vinnie and Patsy to speculate and commiserate again about the mysteries of women.


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