Shelly Hacco producerShelly Hacco was born in the back of a falafel truck on Santa Monica Blvd. To this day, the smell of chick peas reminds her of home. One might say this sensory history was fate at work, for it led the way to her current residency at Theatre 68. Roughly five years ago, she  accidentally stumbled upon this magical place on her way to the Zankou Chicken on Sunset Blvd.

She’s been at Theatre 68 ever since, enchanting the stage in  memorable productions like The Red Coat, An Italian American Reconciliation, and most recently Check Please. You may have also seen her in other LA venues, including the ACME Comedy Theatre (Broad Comedy), the Underground Theatre (Rocky Horror Show), and The Warner Grand (Kiss Me Kate). There’s also a HUGE chance you caught her Broad Comedy reprisal at the George St. Assembly Theatre at the 2010 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

When she’s not acting, Shelly works her day job at USC; and when she’s not working, she’s eating falafel; and when she’s not eating falafel, she’s watching Seinfeld reruns and working on her Chewbacca cross-stitching project.

Shelly would like to be your friend. Please look her up at