Route-68-postcard3Theatre 68 NYC Presents The 2nd Annual One Acts Festival

Popping Cherry
Written by: Bianca Soto
Directed by: Ryan Mikita
Starring: Alaina Freeman & Mark Kopas

Boyd & Molly
Written by: Alan Braunstein
Directed by: Jonathan Berenson
Starring: Anne Nadell & Mark Perrone

Last Dance
Written by: Isabelle Pierre
Directed by: Jenny Hoofnagle
Starring: Marion Le Coguic & Bianca Soto

A Lesson Before Towing
Written by: Anne Nadell
Directed by: Meghan Ginley
Starring: Mariel Matero & Tomovich Selassie

I Want It That Way
Written by: Colleen Slattery
Directed by: Isabelle Pierre
Starring: Morgan Hammel & Ryan Mikita

Delivering Destiny
Written by: Mariel Matero
Directed by: Colleen Slattery
Starring: Alan Braunstein, Meghan Ginley, Jenny Hoofnagle, Matthew Mello & Armando Merlo