Directed by Deborah Geffner

Appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association

Director, Deborah Geffner, won accolades and awards for her first play Beggars in the House of Plenty, in Theatre 68’s 13 by Shanley.  She has directed musicals in LA and New York, as well as three short films, which she also wrote and starred in, Razz & Jo Wake Up, Cake, and the multiple award winning Guitar Lessons. She is also starring in Auto-Da-Fe.

Assistant Director
Jesse Aran Holcomb
Actress, director, yoga instructor and recent Vassar graduate. Currently performing monthly with the New Short Fiction Series at Barnsdall Park and appearing periodically with sketch comedy group Ironic T-Shirt. Thanks to the 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company for once again including me in their family.
Perry Smith
Miss Lucretia Collins
Is so happy you’re celebrating Tennessee’s birthday with us. I want to thank Ronnie, Debbie & Richard Seyd ( for their support & insight. TV/FILM: The Office – “Jim’s Mom”; this summer on Comedy Central: Jon Benjamin Has A Van; Cake, directed by Deborah Geffner; and Finding Hope, directed by Diane Namm.


Andrea Birkman
Miss Lucretia Collins

Appearing by courtesy of Actors Equity
April 15-17 only

Andrea  came to Theatre 68 in 2002 to play Lois in Bill W. And Dr. Bob and never left. Born and raised in Texas, she sang and acted her way across a few world stages, eventually landing in Los Angeles, which she now calls home. Her eclectic performing-past includes a decade with Houston Grand Opera, Show Boat on the Nile, Shakespeare by the sea, singing nuns, dancing gypsies and gun-toting heroines.  She trained at The Royal National Theatre of Great Britain.  Look for her in Cake, Deborah Geffner’s new film, in festivals near you.

Mark DeLisle
Mark, recurring actor on General Hospital, General Hospital Night Shift and Scaretactics, does everything from pilots for Scaretactics producers to bantering with Bruce Willis in Astronaut Farmer. Most recently his work includes, 24, Reba video Keep on Loving You, The Defenders, Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus and Jon Benjamin Has a Van.


Chad Addison
Elevator Boy
How’s everyone doing? Good, I hope. Thanks for coming! I’m Chad. Originally from Boston. East coast! I’d like to thank everyone in the cast for their creative talent and drive. Thanks to Deborah Geffner for her wonderful direction. Thanks to the 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company. Oh, I’ve been out here for almost 5 years (I think?). Sometimes it can get crazy in this town, but I’m grateful for the people I surround myself with as they inspire me to keep going. I’ve been with the 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company for close to a year and it’s a been a great time! Enjoy the show!

Chris Johnen
After a brief stint in the U.S. Army, Chris completed his degree in Theater at U.C. Berkeley. While pursuing acting in Los Angeles, Chris chose to reenter the military service in 2005, serving as a NATO peace keeper in the former Yugoslavia. As a returning U.S. Army combat veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, Chris has been able to see firsthand how expansive the Global War on Terror is, and has been able to accurately and honestly reflect that in his acting. Chris loves acting as a career, as it allows him to creatively raise awareness of the repercussions of everyday life on the human condition. Chris is represented by Commercials Unlimited and All American Rascals Talent Agencies.

Shannon McManus
This is Shannon’s second production with the 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company and she would like to thank the entire Theatre 68 family for their talent, support and inspiration. A native of North Carolina, Shannon started her career as a flight attendant but roles in Salome, Blythe Spirit and MacBeth lured her from the friendly skies.  She studied at the Studio Theatre Conservatory in Washington DC and currently works in commercials, film, theatre and new media. Find out more fun stuff at Now, please stow all your carry on items, bring your seat to its full upright position and enjoy the show.

Joe Dallo
Mr. Abrams

Appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association

Joe Dallo has been seen here with the 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company in such shows as Last Days of Judas Iscariot, Lovers and Other Strangers, and Welcome to the Moon. He appeared off-Broadway in Tony and Tina’s Wedding. His television and film credits include Punk’d, Jackass 3D and General Hospital. He would like to thank Renee for always being there for him.