ImageTheatre 68 NYC presents The 3rd Annual One Acts Festival

Miss Nola
Written by: Bianca Soto
Directed by: Aja Houston
Starring: Mariel Matero, Elizabeth Bays & Elise Rooker

Star Power
Written by: Franco Pedicini
Directed by: Conrad Shaw
Starring: Irma Cadiz, Colleen Slattery & Leon Morgan

Can I Get Permission
Written by: Jonathan Berenson
Directed by: Meghan Ginley
Starring: Denise Yolen, Bianca Soto, Millie Torchetti, Valentina Corbella & Jenny Hoofnagle

Straight Down The Aisle
Written by: Jenny Hoofnagle
Directed by: Emily Dalton
Starring: Morgan Hammel, Mark Kopas, Paula Jessop, Denise Hungerford, Tommy Colavito & Matt Mello

Written by: Aja Houston
Directed by: Chiara Montalto
Starring: Natasha Demosthene & Ronnie Marmo