Home-Brewed-Image2Theatre 68 NYC presents The 1st Annual One Acts Festival

Written by: Josiah Laubenstein
Directed by: Natalie Roy
Starring: Mark Perrone & George Kolombos

Get Back
Written by: Alan Braunstein
Directed by: Mary Matoula Webb
Starring: Cameron Moir, Dipti J. Mehta & Christine Suero

Guess Who’s Coming To Breakfast
Written by: Eddie Jackson
Directed by: Tygar Hicks
Starring: Tommy Colavito, Mary Matoula Webb, Ed Cara, Lauren Ashleigh, Delaney Smeal, Christine Suero & Desira Pesta

Old Wife Tale
Written by: Suzanne Mernyk
Directed by: Lucia Grillo
Starring: Tygar Hicks, Hadas Nuriel, James Sayess & Tyler Rackliffe

Family Picnic
Written by: Mary Matoula Webb
Directed by: Cat Cabral
Starring: Suzanne Mernyk, Natalie Roy & Chiara Montalto

Rounding Third
Written by: Natalie Roy
Directed by: Filipa Rodrigues
Starring: Alan Braunstein, Leticia Castillo & Christine Suero