[callout_left]Todd Lampe says, “Ronnie’s interpretation of Lenny Bruce is astounding in its accuracy.”[/callout_left]

On 906 reviews, I’m happy to present this week’s top rated event:

Lenny’s Back (and boy is he pissed), playing at Theatre 68 in Hollywood. Ronnie Marmo does a spooky turn as foul-mouthed comic genius Lenny Bruce.

David Uchansky says, “I never had the experience of seeing Lenny Bruce in person…but I can say I’ve seen his ghost.”

Glenda Shaw calls the performance “entertaining, educational and informative.” Susan Stoller calls it “smart, funny, and poignant.” Goldstar Events members rated Lenny’s Back 3.5 out of 4.

So if you ever do get the opportunity to time travel and have lunch with somebody famous, don’t waste the opportunity on Lenny Bruce. This week, the Roar says you can just go see him in Hollywood.

Jim McCarthy, CEO of Goldstar Events, read 906 comments about 195 shows this week submitted by Goldstar members.

By Jim McCarthy