Roar of the Crowd

Bill W. and Dr. Bob, now playing at Theatre 68 in Hollywood. Alcoholics Anonymous now reaches all around the world, making it possible for people in the grips of alcoholism to climb out, but it wasn’t always a worldwide success story. It started very simply, and the story is fascinating.

Donna Kelley says the show is “especially delightful for anyone familiar with ’12-step’ lingo.” You don’t need to be in recovery to enjoy it, though.

Vicki Coyne says “the story, the acting, and the direction made this event nearly life changing for me.”

Mark Michelson says “seeing the founders [of AA] portrayed in the play was very moving and gave them real life.”

Kim Baccigalupi also calls the show “informative and touching.” A few members point out, though, that the Theatre can be a little tough to find, so build in a couple extra minutes.

Goldstar Events members give Bill W. and Dr. Bob 3.4 out of 4.