86’D – A World Premiere Comedy

////86’D – A World Premiere Comedy
86’D – A World Premiere Comedy2017-01-30T01:54:14+00:00

Extended through January 26

Catch this new hit play January 18, 19, 25 & 26. 

What the Critics are saying…

LA TIMES offers “CRITIC’S CHOICE! – ’86’d’ keeps the mayhem high and the comedy dark…with the uproarious payoffs.”


“…downright funny to say the least!.” – ACCESSIBLY LIVE OFF-LINE

“…dark yet wacky tale of greed…the play moves well and director Marmo is a master of staging.”

“…get up and get out to see “86’D” – LA SPLASH

RECOMMENDED! “As for Polito and Armbruster’s script, I really liked its “what if” aspects, asking myself how I would react…And like those classic heist movies, 86’d had me rooting for its cast of would-be criminals to pull it off.”
– StageSceneLA

“Funny, smart and dangerous, 86’d is a clever twist on ‘a ticket to your dreams’ , turning it into ‘ a one way ticket to your nightmare’.”
It captures the dark side of the human psyche…” – Indie 103.1 Radio H