Bill_DohertyBill Doherty Jr. has been in many short and feature films spanning throughout New York, New England, and Los Angeles.

Bill’s most recent projects include two roles in the animated feature film Icky: An American dog story, starring Jon Silverman (Weekend at Bernies); a supporting role in the L.A. Times critics choice world premiere of 86’d, written by Jon Polito and Darryl Armbruster, and directed by Ronnie Marmo; and a co-star role in the feature film Festival, which won Best of Fest 2011 among other awards.

Bill also wrote, produced, and directed two short films both making their world premiere at the Boston International Film Festival. He is currently waiting completion of his lead role in the film Night, estimated to hit festivals soon.

With so much thanks  and gratitude, Bill is excited to be working with such amazing and talented people on another Theatre 68 production.