Seven Pieces of TinOne act plays written, directed and performed by members of The 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company in celebration of their 10th anniversary.

Friday, February 11 – Sunday, Mar 13, 2011


Laid Off

Written by: Kurt Yamamoto
Directed by: Elise Hodge and Denny Siegel
Mickey O’Hare: Matt McVay
Doris Schmeckpepper: Claudine Claudio (Friday’s only), Katy Jacoby (Saturday’s only), Liz Bassford (Sundays only).



Written by: James Medeiros and Joe Massingill
Directed by: Liz Bassford
Sally: Laura Henschel
Jordan: Micheal Blum
Jenny: Liz Bassford (first 3 weeks)
Jenny: Shelly Hacco (last 2 weeks)
Justin: Peter Newman



Written by: Katy Jacoby
Directed by: Paul McGee and Joseph Gilbert
Valerie:  Ashley Fondrevay
Sarah: Heidi Rhodes


Strip Club Anniversary

Written by: Chris Johnen
Directed by: Claudine Claudio
Steve: Kurt Yamamoto: Steve
Gary: Ray Cosico
Mona: Heidi Rhodes
Jazmin: Virginia Novello
DJ Splooge: Peter Newman
Bouncer: Gian-Alberto Perez


Water’s Edge

Written by: Joseph Gilbert
Directed by: James Medeiros
Lessel:  Ariel Hart
Robert:  Ed Dyer


I Love You… I Think

Written by: Ronnie Marmo
Directed by: Katy Jacoby and Kourtney Sonntag
Emma: Shannon McManus
Rocky: Joey Russo


Mexican American Anniversary

Written by: Claudine Claudio
Directed by: Mark Wilson
Timmy: AJ Brody
Billy: Chris Johnen
Lupe: Virginia Novello