Gangnam Style – Theatre 68 Haunted House 2012 from Theatre 68 on Vimeo.

How scary are we?

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Online horror aficionado Steve Biodrowski at Hollywood Gothique raves that Theatre 68’s Haunted House employs a “wonderful theatricality” and “should be on every Halloween fanatic’s must-do list…”

“Theatre 68 is the only haunted house that truly immerses you in the action every step of the way…an effectively frightening experience that offers perhaps the best scream-to-cost ratio in Los Angeles.”

Scare-zone (review from 2011) – “One of this haunt’s strongest assets is the talent of it’s cast and the detailed set design. As expected, both give a high caliber show. The actors seamlessly blend sophisticated theatrical acting with traditional haunt scares.

Spooky Little Girl (review from 2011) – “Theatre 68’s haunted house proves that passion, ingenuity and genuine enthusiasm can still be found in the heart of Hollywood for under 20 bucks. It’s a Halloween miracle!”