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Theatre 68 and Ronnie Marmo Announce
the World Premiere of Laureen Vonnegut’s Death Before Cocktails

Opening April 20th @ Theatre 68
Friday & Saturday 8PM and Sunday 7PM

DEATH BEFORE COCKTAILS  is part Big Chill and part Night of the Iguana, DEATH BEFORE COCKTAILS is a modern black comedy about love, sex, and the secret concoction at the end of the tunnel.

When your famous twin sister’s suicide letter instructs you to put together a makeshift wake in a Palm Springs cocktail lounge, what can you do but grant her final wish? LA writer Lana arrives in Palm Springs to host an evening with competing ex-lovers, surprising new flames, and enough arousing confessions to raise the dead.

Everyone’s sexuality is fair game at this wake, where sexual fluidity meets ironclad hetero and  labels interfere with love. As the night unfolds, it becomes clear to Lana why her deceased twin has instructed these particular characters to meet for an evening of truths and lies and curious cocktails.

Death Before Cocktails


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